Chronicle Herald Talks Up Fid Resto’s Nocturne Menu

    “And when the starving artists get hungry and the lookie-loos grow weary, there is more than just beer out there to satisfy their appetites. Dennis Johnston and the chefs at Fid Resto are serving up “food installations” from 9:30 p.m. until “whenever people stop coming.”  Check out this Herald article from October 12.

    With Bite’s Impromptu Visit to Fid Resto

    Local food blogger Kristen Pickett is clearly happy with her latest meal at Fid Resto. Even more so since it was a last minute decision… we invite you to check out her blog and what she has to say about the delicious food she ate!  It’s worth checking out just for the photos alone.

    Local Food Blogger Raves About Fid Resto Experience

    On September 3, local food blogger Krista Spurr writes about a fabulous culinary experience with Chef Dennis Johnston and his incredibly delicious dishes.  Enjoy the read.

    Air Canada’s On Route- On Line Likes Our Brunch!

    OnRoute OnLine raves about our Brunch, along with Morris East and Jane’s on the Commons.  Travelers will  be getting off the planes and flocking to downtown Halifax for great food!!! Dilantin

    Chef Dennis on Breakfast Television

    Check out this short television sequence from June 6 at yes, 7:15 a.m. Dennis explaining his  famous Fid Cakes, with host Heidi Petracek.

    Once Upon A Feast Loves Lunch

    Halifax food blogger Ruth Daniels wrote about her latest lunch adventure with us and gives our new Barros Luco sandwich rave reviews.

    Saltscapes Magazine Features Profile on Dennis

    Dennis is the featured chef in this May/June issue of Saltscapes Magazine.  Every month they select a different chef from one of the four Atlantic provinces and this month they picked Dennis!  Do you know what kitchen tool he cannot live without?  Pick up a copy of Saltscapes and turn to page 74 for the [...]

    Blogger Loves Brunch

    We came across this fabulous January blog post about a young family’s brunch experience at Fid Resto.  They loved the French Toast as much as the Big Breakfast!

    Vancouver Food Blogger’s Brunch @ Fid Resto

    Here’s what one of the visiting food writers, Lori Henry from Vancouver, has to say in her October 8 blog about brunch at Fid, after Dennis toured the group through the new Seaport Farmers Market.

    Foodie Brunch

    check out Ruth Daniels blog about her fun foodie brunch  at Fid Resto, a few weeks ago.