Supper Clubs Make a Fabulous Gift Certificate

Our supper clubs are fun. They’re entertaining. They’re interactive. They’re mouthwateringly delicious. And they just got easier to attend!

What’s a supper club? It’s an evening of learning and watching and rolling up your sleeves to cook a three-course meal of three Fid Resto signature dishes, in the Fid Resto kitchen with Dennis and Monica guiding you every step of the way. Did we mention that as you cook you also get to sit down at a communal table and consume the dishes you’ve just prepared?

We used to only hold them on occasional Monday nights. But we’ve decided to open up our calendar so you can book a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday casino games night for a group of eight or more… we’ll close the restaurant that night and you can make the place all yours!

This is an evening for individuals or couples or groups of friends or work colleagues who are looking for something different, delicious, fun and entertaining. Groups can be as small as eight and as large as 40. Sign up on your own or with a group.

Menus vary and can be customized to your preferences. The cost is $95 pp + hst/gratuity. Beverages are extra as well. Ask your server for more information about how to sign up for a Fid Resto Supper Club sometime soon.